Casino in Fredericton New Brunswick

Casino in Fredericton New Brunswick

Nestled along the beautiful Saint John River, Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, Canada, weaves together a captivating blend of history, culture, and urban elegance. Not solely known for its rich past and scenic landscapes, Fredericton has also crafted a name for itself as an entertainment hub, being home to a popular casino at the Saint Marys Entertainment Centre. This comprehensive guide will spotlight the casinos that have become integral to the city’s allure, offering insights into the thrill and excitement that awaits within their doors. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the unique features that make each casino, including the land-based one at Saint Marys Entertainment Centre, an unforgettable destination. However, if you don’t want to visit land-based casinos but still want to plunge into the world of excitement, we recommend Legzo Casino. This is a well-known online casino with a large number of games and great bonuses.

Saint Mary’s Entertainment Centre Slot Hall

The Saint Mary’s Entertainment Centre, situated in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is a gambler’s paradise, promising the potential of striking it rich with its jackpot. This premier gaming destination provides a multitude of stakes, from slots to bingo to Texas Hold’em, each game delivering a unique blend of excitement and thrill.

For fans of one-armed bandits, the centre boasts an array of vibrant slot machines, each offering a chance to win big. Bingo enthusiasts will enjoy the tense anticipation as numbers are called, waiting for the winning pattern to emerge. Poker aficionados, on the other hand, can demonstrate their strategic prowess in gripping rounds of Texas Hold’em.

Saint Mary's Entertainment Centre Slot Hall

In the midst of this gaming haven, you’ll also find the Pinetree Restaurant. Culinary delights and gaming blend seamlessly here, as a delicious meal only enhances the overall experience, complementing a day or night of gambling with an unforgettable culinary journey.

The thrill and excitement of gaming are at your fingertips during these operating hours:

  • Pinetree Restaurant: 9 am — 9 pm
  • Lounges: 10 am — 2:30 am
  • Bingo (Doors Open): at 3 pm
Location 185 Gabriel Dr, Fredericton, NB E3A 5V9
Number of Slots 300+
Phone 506-462-9300
Toll-Free 1-888-992-4646
Fax 506-462-9333
Email [email protected]