Casino Halifax

Casino Halifax

Welcome to the vibrant city of Halifax, nestled within the heart of Canada, where an extraordinary gem of entertainment awaits you — the city’s renowned casino. Despite being the sole casino in Halifax, its popularity and reputation are second to none. If you’re planning a visit to this enchanting city, your itinerary wouldn’t be complete if it doesn’t include a stop at this entertainment hub. In the following passages, we’ll provide you with comprehensive details about this must-visit Halifax casino including its operating hours, methods of contact, and the extensive range of gambling games it hosts. Stay with us as we unveil the allure of Halifax’s most popular gaming destination.

Casino Nova Scotia

Situated majestically on the waterfront of Halifax, the Casino Nova Scotia is an iconic symbol of the city’s vibrant entertainment scene. Opened in the year 2000, the casino quickly established itself as a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts, drawing a large influx of visitors from near and far. Nestled on the banks of the picturesque Halifax River, the casino offers breathtaking views, adding to its overall allure.

Contributing significantly to the city’s economy, Casino Nova Scotia routinely funnels substantial amounts of revenue into the city’s coffers, thereby bolstering the local economy. This financial impact, combined with its impressive lineup of gaming options, has cemented the casino’s status as a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Halifax.

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The architectural grandeur of the Casino Nova Scotia is a sight to behold. Its exterior, a modern marvel of glass and steel, mirrors the dynamic energy of Halifax itself. Inside, the casino unfolds a world of lavish luxury, blending modern style with classic elegance. Visitors are immediately greeted by an atmosphere of opulence, with high ceilings, plush carpets, and sumptuous seating. The walls, adorned with tastefully chosen artwork, exude a sense of sophistication, making every visit to the Casino Nova Scotia an unforgettable experience. Prepare to get lost in the mesmerising ambience of this gaming paradise as you navigate through the casino’s vast array of gaming options.

Casino Games

The Casino Nova Scotia is known for its extensive gaming portfolio which caters to a wide spectrum of tastes. A key highlight of this gaming wonderland is its immense collection of over 500 slot machines, offering a thrilling experience to slot enthusiasts. Among these, a couple of fan favourites are the ‘Lucky Leprechaun’ and ‘Treasure Nile’, known for their exciting themes and attractive jackpots.

Not only does the casino excel in slots, but it also offers a host of classic card games, including the likes of poker and baccarat, that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat. If the spinning wheel beckons you, the casino hosts numerous roulette tables, adding an element of suspense to your casino experience.

For poker aficionados, the casino provides a chance to join the high stakes action. However, due to high demand, players wishing to participate in poker games are advised to book a slot in advance. Contact details for poker game reservations can be found at the bottom of this page, ensuring you never miss out on the poker action during your visit to the Casino Nova Scotia.

Casino Schedule

The Casino Nova Scotia, ever ready to entertain its guests, operates on a schedule designed to accommodate the preferences of all its visitors. Here’s a Halifax casino hours of work:

  • From Friday to Saturday, the casino remains open 24 hours a day, perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of late-night gaming.
  • From Sunday to Thursday, the casino operates on a slightly different schedule, opening at 10:00 in the morning and closing at 4:00 in the early morning of the next day. This schedule allows guests to enjoy a full day of entertainment, while also providing ample time for the casino to prepare for the next day’s adventures.

Do remember, the times mentioned above are subject to change, so we recommend checking the casino’s official website for the most current schedule before planning your visit.

Club Card

To take full advantage of all the amenities at the Casino Nova Scotia, we highly recommend acquiring a club card. This exclusive card carries an array of benefits designed to enhance your casino experience. As a cardholder, you gain access to free parking, eliminating the hassle of finding a spot for your vehicle. Furthermore, the club card entitles you to complimentary tickets to a variety of concerts and events that take place within the casino, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant entertainment scene of Halifax. If that wasn’t enough, cardholders also enjoy the privilege of free food and drinks, ensuring your comfort as you partake in the thrilling gaming experience. The club card truly unlocks the casino’s full potential, elevating your visit to a whole new level.

Hotel and Restaurant

Adding to the numerous attractions of the Casino Nova Scotia is its in-house restaurant, which has cemented its reputation for serving scrumptious meals. The restaurant takes pride in its culinary prowess, with a menu that showcases a delightful mix of local and international cuisines. The offerings are sure to tantalize your taste buds, taking you on a gastronomical journey that complements the thrill of the casino games. So, while indulging in the casino’s many gaming options, don’t forget to treat your senses to an exquisite dining experience at the restaurant — a culinary adventure not to be missed when visiting the Casino Nova Scotia.

Further enhancing the allure of this entertainment hub is its affiliated hotel, offering a range of accommodation options from economy to deluxe rooms. The hotel exemplifies hospitality at its finest, providing an idyllic retreat for those wishing to extend their casino adventure.

Each room, regardless of its category, is thoughtfully designed to ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay. In addition, the hotel boasts of a spa center, offering a variety of rejuvenating treatments that promise to usher you into a world of relaxation and tranquility. Whether you’re visiting for a day or planning a longer stay, the Casino Nova Scotia ensures a complete entertainment and relaxation package — a gaming paradise with the added perks of fine dining and luxurious accommodation.

Requirements for Visiting a Casino

Visitors to Casino Nova Scotia should note some important requirements to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit. While there isn’t a stringent dress code, it is advisable not to sport athletic wear during your visit. Instead, opt for business casual attire – a neat pair of trousers paired with a crisp shirt or blouse would be perfect. This dress recommendation aims to maintain the classy and sophisticated atmosphere of the casino. Ladies may also choose a casual dress or skirt ensemble to fit in with the elegant setting.

However, despite the relaxed dress code, the casino firmly discourages visitors from arriving in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Any visitor found to be under the influence of alcohol will be denied entry, adhering to the casino’s commitment to promote responsible gaming and maintain an environment of respect and enjoyment for all. Therefore, when planning your visit, please remember to enjoy responsibly and dress appropriately to ensure a pleasant experience at Casino Nova Scotia.

Contact Information

For your convenience, we have provided all the necessary contact information for the Casino Nova Scotia below. Whether you need to make a reservation, have a question, or require any further assistance, feel free to reach out using the information provided.

  • Address: 1983 Upper Water Street, Halifax, North Carolina B3J 3Y5
  • Phone numbers: 1-888-6GAMES6 or (902) 425-7777
  • Poker Room: (902) 496-6166
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

To make a reservation, call the poker hotline at 902-496-6166 or toll-free at 1-888-6GAMES6 ext. 4. Alternatively, you can email your reservation request to [email protected].